Virtual Open Hours - Live Now

Join us for Virtual Open Hours every Wednesday from 5 – 7 pm! Our Staff, Board Members, and Volunteers will be available to answer any membership questions and help you find tools or make a reservation. You do not need to be present for these sessions to reserve tools, however, we do recommend new members introduce themselves.

Meet the Tacoma Tool Library

Our Mission and Vision

The Tacoma Tool Library improves quality of life in the South Sound by providing tools, education, space, and support to cultivate self-sufficiency while reducing waste. Our work will lead to empowered individuals, increased involvement, reduced consumption, more entrepreneurship, better looking neighborhoods, a stronger sharing economy, and a more resilient community.

Photo of members of the group The Mission Continues outside of teh tool library

Tacoma Tool Library promotes environmental sustainability through shared resources, and promotes a sustainable community by maintaining a place for people to learn and engage each other in improvement projects. It encourages individuals who want to participate in waste reduction and care for their homes and neighborhoods, and also creates a community network that promotes sharing and mutual support.

Our Principles

The Tacoma Tool Library has developed the following “Principles of Action” that guide our work. We are committed to:

  • Fostering a sense of community and mutual support
  • Strengthening community resilience and self reliance
  • Supporting inclusivity of participation and accessibility to tools, particularly for people with less economic resources and people who aren’t traditionally encouraged to use tools
  • Prioritizing sustainability through waste prevention, reuse, repair, and re-purposing
  • Encouraging skill building and empowerment through tool use and maintenance education
  • Participating in the Sharing Economy
TTL member returning lawnmower through doorway

Tacoma Tool Library Staff

Sharayah Kinney – Executive Director

Christiane Fogleboch – Tool Librarian

Board of Directors

Hayes holding drill and saw

Hayes Alexander III

As someone that usually has several projects in mind (if not in motion), Hayes likes to save money, cut down on excess stuff to store and maintain, and “try before he buys”. Hayes also wishes for everyone to have these opportunities, and so he enthusiastically works to sustain and maintain the Tool Library! 

Portrait of Amy

Amy Hoyte

Amy is the Executive Director of Rebuilding Together South Sound, a local nonprofit which provides home repairs for low-income homeowners. She believes in the network of community and likes to connect clients and supporters with resources like the Tacoma Tool Library. She believes that by working together, nonprofits can make even more significant impacts on their clients’ lives. 

Packy Regan

After a long career in the food industry, Packy retired from the corporate world about five years ago. Since then, he has supported several nonprofits, serving hands-on as an operational volunteer on several Boards. His experiences with nonprofits have been rewarding and being able to directly impact those in need has been a life-changing opportunity. He and his wife Joanne relocated to Tacoma to be closer to family and grandchildren. Being a serial DIYer and always interested in tools he was intrigued when he learned about the Tacoma Tool Library. The opportunity to serve the community by helping to develop self-sufficiency and participating in the sharing economy was exciting. He began serving on the Board in 2023.     

Jon Zweiacher

Since moving to the Tacoma area in the Fall of 2022, Jon has been a volunteer with Tacoma Tool Library as a Fix-it Night Fixer. He has a solid reputation in the woodworking community and has commissioned many custom pieces as well as built custom furniture for his own home. His previous experience at the Denver Tool Library includes hands on teaching woodworking classes where students left with a cutting board they made themselves. Jon joined the Operations Committee and became a board member with an emphasis on planning our new Makerspace. Jon has a B.S in Mechanical Engineering and works at Boeing as a Manufacturing Engineer.

Thank you for the support!


The Tacoma Tool Library is a community-supported project that sustains itself through a combination of membership fees, individual donations, and grants for operational support and special projects.

The Tacoma Tool Library has been generously funded by:

Greater Tacoma Community Foundation
Garneau-Nicon Family Foundation
Sequoia Foundation
City of Tacoma
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