Virtual Open Hours - Live Now

Join us for Virtual Open Hours every Wednesday from 5 – 7 pm! Our Staff, Board Members, and Volunteers will be available to answer any membership questions and help you find tools or make a reservation. You do not need to be present for these sessions to reserve tools, however, we do recommend new members introduce themselves.

December 2019 Volunteer Spotlight: Tori Brewster

The Tool Library is led by an incredible cohort of women. Tori Brewster blesses us every day with her/their humor, intelligence, and dedication! From fundraising, serving as a board member, and open hours, Tori brings a lot to the table, and we all are all the better for it. Thanks, Tori, for all you offer, your enthusiasm, and for making the Tool Library a better place to visit and participate in!

TTL: What inspired you to first volunteer with the Tool Library?

TB: I am very into alternative/grassroots economic ideas and systems- lending libraries, bartering systems, mutual aid. I love that we are all building this together, by how we interact with the space and the tools and one another. I want that to exist in my community, so I decided to volunteer.

TTL: How do you volunteer with the Tool Library?

TB: I am on the Board and serve on the Finance and Fundraising sub committees. I also try to work open hours once a month

TTL: What do you feel like you “bring to the table” when you volunteer?

TB: Enthusiasm! (Start counting the exclamation points now!!)

TTL: What is the biggest personal benefit you receive as a volunteer at the Tool Library?

TB: I love getting to learn about everyone’s projects while working open hours. I always learn about a new tool I never knew we had, or a new way to do a project. I also find it super empowering- whenever I’ve finished a shift, I am 10000% over confident I can do every home remodel project myself, after hearing about what all the rest of the members are accomplishing. You all impress the hell out of me!!

TTL: What have you learned through volunteering?

TB: How to use a chainsaw (thanks Geoff!). How to not electrocute myself when changing an outlet (another hi five to Geoff!)

TTL: What is the most positive experience you’ve had at the Tool Library?

TB: It was especially awesome to host our first Tools and Brews happy hour event at Kvlt Mead. So rad to see how the tool library can be used in a business (they finished their bar with tool library tools), so rad to meet new people and spread the TTL word, and extra rad to get to try all their delicious meads!

TTL: Who have you met through volunteering at the Tool Library?

TB: Many of my now close friends are TTL members! I feel so lucky to be in such company.

TTL: Is there anything you would like to see the Tool Library doing that we aren’t already doing?

TB: I want to lend everything! My friend was telling me about an art lending library! Let’s do that next!

TTL: Where are you from, and how long have you been living in Tacoma?

TB: I am from Missoula, Montana, and have been living in Tacoma 4 years.

TTL: What do you like about living in Tacoma?

TB: I love how easy it has been to meet people and create awesome relationships. I love that everything feels like it’s less than 10 minutes away. I love our sunsets! I love all our bridges!  And for real, the view when coming into downtown on the 705, with the water on your right?! Grit City sure is pretty.

TTL: What is your favorite “homegrown” project that you are particularly proud of?

TB: My yard is mostly a hot mess, but I did make some raised garden beds I am pretty proud of. To be honest, I am most proud of the drip irrigation system. Game changer.