Virtual Open Hours - Live Now

Join us for Virtual Open Hours every Wednesday from 5 – 7 pm! Our Staff, Board Members, and Volunteers will be available to answer any membership questions and help you find tools or make a reservation. You do not need to be present for these sessions to reserve tools, however, we do recommend new members introduce themselves.

October 2019 Volunteer Spotlight: Sharayah Kinney

Sharayah at work
Sharayah Kinney has been with the Tool Library from its inception, running the gamut of nonprofit responsibilities: board member, fundraising, serving during open hours and inventory days, and, for the past couple of years, serving as chair of our volunteer community board. Sharayah is a perfect example of commitment to the Tool Library’s mission and service to its members, and a big reason why the Tool Library is so successful! Be sure to take a moment when you see Sharayah to personally thank her for all the blood, sweat, and tears that she has given to grow the Tool Library!

TTL: What inspired you to first volunteer with the Tool Library?

SK: I was looking for a way to be involved in the Tacoma community and share my business and marketing knowledge

TTL: How do you volunteer with the Tool Library?

SK: Every way imaginable: board member, open hours, inventory days, events, fundraising, committees. Making big, creative and sometimes hard decisions.

TTL: What is the biggest personal benefit you receive as a volunteer at the Tool Library?

SK: Community and friendship. TTL is a very big part of my life. I’ve met so many amazing people through this almost 5-year journey with TTL. Many have become close friends with whom I’ve shared my personal life with. I’ve known many of the board members for years and I feel so lucky that we a close group.

TTL: What is the most positive experience you’ve had at the Tool Library?

SK: There are too many! I’ll share my 2 proudest and exciting experience: TTL grand opening party and the 3 year anniversary party! Both parties symbolized such an accomplished and having the places overflowing with people with support and celebration was a great feeling. Being there at the beginning when TTL was just an idea and seeing where it is now with 50 new members a month makes me proud.

TTL: Is there anything you would like to see the Tool Library doing that we aren’t already doing?

SK: When TTL first opened it was slow in the library so volunteers got to spend time really getting to know each other. We also didn’t have as many volunteers so everyone knew everyone. I know we are working on this, but I’d love to see volunteers become more of a community again.

TTL: Anything about your career or schooling you would like to share?

SK: At the same time that I was involved with starting TTL, I was building my marketing career at Puget Sound Orthopaedics. I have been a PSO for 5 years, just 6 months longer than TTL. I started out as a Community Liaison and I am now the Marketing Director. My experiences with TTL helped build my leadership and operation/ process skills which I have used at PSO as well.

TTL: Where are you from, and how long have you been living in Tacoma?

SK: I grew up in University Place and didn’t spend too much time in Tacoma until I went to school at UWT and then lived in the Stadium district years later. I have lived in different states and countries and come back to Tacoma because of family and the climate.